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Cleaning systems with GSM communication


Cleaning systems with GSM communication



We are the only firm in Poland with such a broad offer in the range of hygiene management in food industry plants. With us, you can more.

Since 30 years, Radex has been managing the hygiene in food industry plants. Experience gained in this time enabled us to improve and extend our offer so that it will meet high requirements of this branch of industry.

We started our activities with two products: Termosol and Tesol for washing smokehouse chambers. Currently, Radex company's portfolio comprises over 150 preparations applicable in food industry. Our offer also includes a wide range of technical equipment, from footwear washers to complex washing systems.

A team of professional Hygiene Consultants working all over the country enables us to offer our products in the furthest corners of Poland. Thanks to this, our customers are offered not only with top quality chemical agents and technical equipment but also with professional consulting services which enable them to choose the best solutions for their plant.


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Continuous growing for over 30 years

A constant grown number of customers and more comprehensive offer required to employ more staff. In 1989, Radex had 3 staff members, whereas in 2017 - the total number of employees in Radex was circa 90 people and has been on the same level to this day.

Within the last 30 years, we have cooperated with several dozen foreign partners, thanks to which our technical products were bought not only in the whole of Europe but also in Asia, Africa and both Americas. We assemble our systems, e.g. in the Arab Emirates, Canada, Mali and Chile.

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