ISO 9001:2015

The Central Cleaning System is a modern solution for the cleaning of open surfaces, machines and equipment, as well as production halls. With a CSM, you can do the following:

>> preliminary rinsing with high-pressure water,
>> foam application,

>> intermediate rinsing,
>> disinfectant application,
>> final rinsing.

The solutions used in our systems ensure high durability and reliability of operation, as well as convenience of use. They also optimize cleaning and disinfection costs by reducing the use of chemicals, water and labour. The configuration proposed by us is adjusted to the size of the facility and the actual needs possible to evaluate after the analysis of the plant design and the functions of individual rooms. At the customer's request, our specialists create the system design together with the necessary piping and adjust it to the investment plan. We also cooperate with companies that we can recommend as reliable contractors for performing our Cleaning Systems’ connection. Both the projects we create and the cooperation with proven partners allow us to avoid complications at the stage of investment implementation. The detailed terms and conditions and the choice of the variant depend on the decision of the buyer. On our part, as a supplier of a modern cleaning system, we guarantee the highest quality of equipment, warranty and post warranty service, as well as competent advice in all matters concerning hygiene.

Example of CCS Radex


Zakładowy Centralny System Mycia Radex


Elements of CCS:


Elementy centralnego systemu mycia radex



1. Water main (supply to pump) 9. Lance set (for foam application, rinsing and disinfection)
2. Compressed air main 10. Hose hanger
3. Air supply pipe for the washing station SR 25-1 11. Hose
4. Water supply pipe for the washing station SR 25-1 12. Ball valve with quick coupling for coupling the lances
5. JPR pumping unit or CSR central station 13. Basket for containers with washing agents or disinfectants
6. Satelite station SR 25-1 14. Water main - p = 20 - 25 bar
7. Lance hanger 15. Hose reel
8. Suction hose for detergents (with filter) 16. Connection hose for the cleaning station to the reel with water hose




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