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CIP Cleaning Stations

Consultancy / Design / Implementation

CIP Process


CIP (Cleaning in Place) - is a method of automatic cleaning of internal surfaces of pipes, process equipment, filters and other elements without disassembling them. Most often, CIP systems are used in the food industry, especially in brewing, beverage and dairy production, processed food production, and in pharmaceutical and cosmetics factories. They save time, water, electricity and reduce the use of chemicals, which has a positive influence on the financial aspect of the plant's operations. 


Stages of the CIP process


The CIP washing cycle consists of various stages depending on customer requirements, among them you can distinguish pre-rinsing, alkaline and acid rinsing, intermediate rinsing and final rinsing, the process can also be extended with disinfection at the customer's request.
The systems are designed in a variety of ways, both as one-time circulation systems, in which the cleaning residues are discharged to the treatment plant, and in a way that allows the reuse of final rinsing water and the working solution in subsequent stages of the process, which brings significant savings.

The washing process can take place in both hot and cold water, and the temperature of the solution and system performance is always adapted to the customer's requirements.
Depending on the requirements of the plant, CIP stations can be adapted to wash one or several circuits simultaneously.


Radex offer


Radex advises on the selection of systems, their design, and assembly at customer production plants. Thanks to the wide offer, we can fully take care of the CIP station design, beginning from the investment design stage, through the selection of chemicals and concentrations, to regular inspections and measurements.

Radex also deals with consulting in the field of optimization of cleaning and disinfection processes as well as modernization of existing CIP stations.

Thanks to 30 years of experience, we are able to meet the strictest requirements of the food industry in the field of hygiene and quality of our devices.

In our CIP stations we adjust working parameters regarding:

  • time of processes,
  • temperature,
  • washing phases - acidic or alkaline as well as acidic and alkaline, plus possible disinfection
  • concentrations and recipes of washing agents,
  • tank capacity,
  • flow.




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